Advantages of Java SE 8

What of the benefits of using Java 8? How can you get benefits from using Java 8 on your applications. Should you upgrade to Java 8?

Sun, Mar 01 2015

Dealing with various screen sizes in AndEngine based Games

Android devices are very much fragmented. Here are some approaches how to deal with multiple screen resolutions when you are planning to make game using AndEngine framework.

Tue, Apr 01 2014

Modeling tools for Unity 3D

Here are some popular modeling tools for Unity 3D game development.

Tue, Mar 11 2014

{ Java }

Working with database : Grails

Sun, Feb 16 2014

{ Software-development }

Software Development Practices

Sun, Feb 02 2014

{ no-sql-database }

Getting Started with Solr

Beginners guide to Solr database. Getting started with Solr database.

Sun, Feb 02 2014

{ Java }

Spring security and sessionRegistry on grails

How to configure sessionRegistry in grails project. How to get list of online users (currently loggedin users) in grails.

Thu, Jan 30 2014

{ Mac }

Edit locked file in Mavericks

Thu, Jan 16 2014

{ Opinion }

Why Touchscreen based laptops are useless.

Thu, Jan 16 2014

{ Continious-integration }

Configure, Package and Deploy PHP applications using Phing and SSH

Alternative method to Teamcity, we can use simple batch files to run the phing commands and other ssh commands.

Thu, Jan 16 2014

{ Continious-integration }

Configure, Package and Deploy Php projects : TeamCity Part 2

In this part we create build configurations to actually make use of build files on the previous article and deploy to the cloud using ssh commands.

Thu, Jan 16 2014

{ Continious-integration }

Configure, Package and Deploy Php projects : Part 1

Configuring , packaging and deploying is often tedious process. In this series of article we will learn about how to make automate this tasks.

Thu, Jan 16 2014

{ cloud }

hosting ghost platform on openshift cloud

Simple steps to deploy ghost blogging platform on openshift cloud services.

Thu, Jan 16 2014

{ programming }

Websockets using Node.js on openshfit platform

Node.js is getting popular these days. Node.js is best for developing realtime web applications like multiplayer games, real time chat applications. This will guide you how you can use node.js to create a simple chat application. And we will also host the application to openshift cloud platform.

Thu, Jan 16 2014

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