{ cloud }

Persistent Ghost platform On Cloud

Some tweeks and tricks on how to persist uploaded images on ghost platform hosted on clouds.

Thu, Jan 16 2014

{ Java }

Email Confirmation Example: Grails

Email confirmation example on Grails application.

Thu, Jan 16 2014

{ Php }

CRUDL tasks on codeigniter

Complete tutorial on how to create simple CRUDL forms and action handlers on codeigniter.

Thu, Jan 16 2014

{ cloud }

Common SSH commands

List of some common SSH commands and SFTP commands you frequently use.

Thu, Jan 16 2014

{ Javascript }

Debugging javascript code

Developing client applications with java script is painful. Lack of native debugging options makes it more painful. Now you can easily debug java script like other big programming languages.

Thu, Jan 16 2014

{ Web }

Custom HTML tag

In this article we will talk how we can define own html tags. Also we discuss what are their uses on real web application.

Wed, Jul 10 2013

{ GWT }

GWT Offline application

How to use the linker file in GWT to automatically update the cache manifest file to enable offline capabilities in GWT web app.

Sun, Jun 23 2013

How to embed instagram video?

How to embed instagram video on the webpage and show your creativity.

Sat, Jun 22 2013

Why cloud?

Why do you need cloud hosting?

Wed, Jun 19 2013

What is Hadoop?

You ever wondered how the Google does theirs queries into their massive data or Facebook quickly fetches your feed from a massive amount of data.

Mon, Jun 10 2013

GWT and HTML5 Support

Here we gonna talk about how do we gonna use HTML 5 in GWT applications. Also with some practical examples.

Sun, Jun 09 2013

Smooth scrolling with Virtualization - WPF List

Here is the simple trick to virtualize the list and at the same time with smooth scrolling.

Thu, Jun 06 2013

Features of windows 8.1

Thu, May 30 2013

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