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Sun, Feb 26 2012

Why i build my own CMS?

Even there are lots of powerful open-source, so called free content management systems available on this world, why I build my own system? Lack of simplicity in most available cms is what encouraged me to write the whole CMS from the start.

Mon, Dec 12 2011

Sync Mobile clients with Microsoft Sync Framework 4.0

Complete walkthrough on creating sync services and consuming through a windows mobile 6.5 pda device without requiring to install sync framework on pda itself.

Fri, Oct 14 2011

Did jobs really got the idea of ipad from gates?

In an interview on early 2007 jobs listen to gates on how people want to see the computers will look like.

Thu, Oct 13 2011

General guidelines of using TFS server in a team

TFS (Team foundation server) is a version control system by Microsoft of which visual studio has built in support on team suite version. Here are some of the tips on using Team foundation server effectively.

Wed, Oct 12 2011

Back to Mac OS 9

Sat, Jul 30 2011

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Swiffy: Tool to convert swf to HTML 5

Fri, Jul 29 2011

Internet Explorer for the Dumb: Proved

Do you still use Internet explorer. Time to switch to another smart browser.

Fri, Jul 29 2011

Web app technology which is right for you?

Which is the right web technology for you. Web clients can be developed using different technologies. Today browser are mostly used to act as thin clients on web.

Sun, Nov 21 2010

Some tricks while working with adsense

Are you bothered of displaying ads while editing and fine tuning your pages. Here are some tricks to get rid of them only for you leaving rest of the world still sees them.

Sat, Nov 13 2010

Posting data to the web from windows phone 7

There can be lot of ways to post data from the windows phone 7. The example shows the way to upload to the tumblr using WebClient class.

Fri, Oct 22 2010

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