I need a laptop with EINK display

I am not joking, I really really need a laptop with EINK Display. I know current EINK technology does not support enough frame rate to use it as daily programming tasks.

I know the limitation of the EINK technology. It is colorless (black and white) and has quite low frame rate to play video. But my purpose is limited. I just want a powerful laptop (powerful here means processing power and memory) with eink display, that has enough frame rate that looks smooth while typing.

This looks stupid but why do anyone need a powerful laptop just to type? I know programmers like me have to stare at the screen for the whole day. (at least 6-8 hours), mostly writing code or reading code(sometimes you need to read lots of code to find from where the bug arises) and that is really really trouble to the eye.

Some could argue, do programmers only type codes? No they also have to design user interface and check it how it looks but not often. Programmers spend most of the time writing their code and checking it works functionality or not and they don't care the color of the user interface most of the time.

So using a machine with Eink display can minimize lots of hours of exposure to the harmful rays from the LCD screen.

Also I can code under the sun in the winter. Some would just love writing code on the beach.

If I really got one?

It is just not a hypothesis, I really mean it . I really need one. Let me share my thoughts how will i use it on my daily programming tasks if I can get one?

I also spend sometimes on designing but mostly i spend time gazing on IDE ( I spent time on writing code most). Designing and playing with colors are only 5 percent of my daily programming tasks.

Primarily I will use the eink display to write codes and see the results. Side by side I will have a secondary screen (LCD one) to with with UI and design. So I could minimize using LCD screens.

Why I hate LCD and need alternative?

Lets go the main theme of the article. Why i need it? Simply because I want to minimize the exposure to the light rays coming from the LCD screen. To summarize here are some health impacts of LCD screen.

  • Radiation from LCD screen can lead to various health impacts such as muscle ace, insomnia and fatigue.
  • Burning eyes and headaches can result from increased luminescence or brightness of LCD displays.
  • Electricity consumed by LCD manufacture and use contributes to the release of so-called greenhouse gases (Co2) into the environment.
  • LCDs also provide inconsistent photometric measures, depending on the angle at which a user is viewing the LCD monitor. This can contribute to improper body posture and back pains.

  • Rays produced by LCD sucks your tears. Soon you might need artificial tears.
How far we are?

So we are not too far to get the real eink moniter with capabilites to use as replaacement of lcd moniters. Sony has developed a 13.3 inch eink display. Sony claims it is light, durable and very responsive. 

In the video below you can see that user is wrting note using stylus pen with very little lag. 

See the video below.

If you are a programmer do you think eink display is enough for you to perform your daily programming task? Will you use one if one day there will be in the market that supports enough frame-rate to type smoothly?

Feel free to write in the comments section below. I don't mind if you call me stupid or something.