Advantages of Java SE 8

What of the benefits of using Java 8? How can you get benefits from using Java 8 on your applications. Should you upgrade to Java 8?


Java 8 is the revolutionary:

Java SE 8 is revolutionary upgrade from Java SE 7, biggest changes to the java language since Java SE 5. Notable changes to the Developers are Lambdas and Streaming api.

Why Lambdas?

Closures are for many years to boost developers productivity. Now Java 8 supports Lambdas expressions. With Lambdas you can focus more on functionality rather than methodology. Better focus on what functionality you want to achieve rather than how it works.

Here are some of the lambdas benefits.

  • Lambda expressions helps programmers create productivity.
  • Provide more functional style of programming.
  • Lets developers focus on writing functional codes rather than low level instructions.
  • Less code, better to understand, and easier to maintain.

Lambda expressions provides anonymous function types to Java. So eliminates use of anonymous inner classes.

You can achieve the same results with anonymous inner class on older Java, now with Lambda, the code will much more less.

doSomething(new DoStuff(){
    public boolean isGood(int value){
		     return value==42;

//can be simplified with Lambda expression in Java 8

doSomething(it -> it==42);
Is it time to Migrate to Java 8?

In addition to the developer productivity tools and Apis, performance of Java 8 is really good. Also lots of enhancements has been added to VM. Some improvements on garbage collections. Most people like don’t want to migrate if they already have a pretty much stable application and its already on production. If you are just starting and building a new system, now it is right time to migrate to Java 8. I would strongly recommended to use Java 8 for new applications.