Modeling tools for Unity 3D

Here are some popular modeling tools for Unity 3D game development.

1. AutoDesk Maya

AutoDesk is the leader in CG and simulations. If you are serious in 3d game development and can spend some time in learning Maya, it is the best tool for modeling and rendering. Also, you should have a few thousand bucks to invest in. Lots of tutorials can be found easily on the internet, so the learning curve is not a problem at all. It is well documented itself. For modeling, rendering and animations, it has very few limitations. You Can directly import Maya files in unity without exporting to fbx format. It Supports Models, Textures, Anims and Bones (Rigging). Only one Drawback, it is very expensive.

2. AutoDesk 3D Max

Another modeling tool from AutoDesk is 3D Max It is really great for modeling, especially for low polygon models. Low polygon models are great for game development. You can directly import 3D Max format (. Max format) which supports Models, Textures, Anims and Bones. It also exports to fbx format. It is also Expensive

3. Blender.

It is free and open source modeling tool. Even it is free it has lots of advanced features and very good alternative to expensive professional tools like Maya or 3D Max, if you don't care about learning curve. The user interface is not straightforward and difficult to use, but if you master it it could be a great tool.

4. Wings 3D

It is also free, Easy to use. It is pretty much designed to do modeling. The interface is pretty much straightforward, simple and easy to use. It is only modeling, and textures. No support for animations and bones. If you are serious about game development and want free, there are other good alternatives.

5.Cheetah 3D

Another great choice for modeling. It is quite cheap and only cost $99. It is Mac Only. That's a bummer for windows user. It exports in Chetah 3D format and supports Textures, Anims and Bones as well. It also exports to fbx.