Why cloud?

Why do you need cloud hosting?


The main advantage of using cloud is they provide easy scaling options. You don't know your application is going to be super hit or flop. Until your app users are fully grown, you only pay for the required minimum resources rather than investing on expensive hardwares and softwares. When you need more resources and bandwidth as visitors increases , you can easily scale up.  In cloud you actually pay for how much your applications needs resources. 

Fault Tolerance

Cloud services provide fault tolerance automatically. Once one server goes down or is not available or overloaded they  let you automatically switch to another server to continue working. 

Automated failure recovery
  • Automated failure recovery as much as possible.
  • Switches automatically to another machine when one machine fails or dies.
  • It just keeps on working.
Low maintenance

Hosting providers manage the updates for you. You don't have to worry about updates or patches. When you use the cloud you focus on what you do the best rather than managing servers and networks. 
Let hosting providers manage your servers and you focus on your app. Let them update your system and you got your app automatically hosted on upgraded system. So you don't have to spend any penny on maintenance tasks. 

Geographically distributed

Cloud servers are geographically distributed. hey are always on and always available as long as you have an internet connection. The main advantages are

  • You can choose the server located to the region of your choose. 
  • When one regions goes completely down by the effect of natural disasters like earthquake, flooding, electricity cutoff, servers from another region can be used continue running the app.