Why Touchscreen based laptops are useless.

With the release of windows 8 operating system, touch screen enabled laptops are booming these days. Do you think touch screen laptops are worthy? Are they worth the extra dollars? For tables and smartphones touch screen has become the standard but for the laptops and desktops it is not essential features. Laptops and desktops are better navigated with mouse and keyboard. Thats why Apple still dont make macbooks with touchscreen because they know its not usefull, instead they have excellent touchpad.

Windows 8 is designed to support touchscreen natively

Touch screen is natively supported on windows 8. Although touch screen displays are supported on the previous OS like windows 7, Windows 8 is a OS that was heavily marketed to support touch-screen, and most to believe only windows 8 is the OS that supports touch based displays.

Manufacturers are just following

It seems none of the manufacturers have researched do people really need touch based notebook and will they use it. Lenovo, Asus, Sony, Samsung big contributes to the note book industry are just putting extra efforts on touch screen because Microsoft Windows OS 8 simply supports it.

Why touchscreen fails on laptop?

  • People use what they are used to it with. First laptops invented were not with touch displays so peoples will have harder time to switch from mouse or track-pad to touch-screen.

  • Track-pad is more closer to reaching while typing.

  • Mouse pointer is more accurate than finger since desktop UI is not designed primary for fingers. For eg: some icons and buttons are too small for fingers. Placing cursor preciously to edit text often fails.

Final Words

Windows 8.1 releases proved that most laptop users were unhappy with the Windows metro style UI. Windows 8.1 came with the feature where user can configure the windows 8.1 to be able to boot directly on desktop Mode. So most users are using desktop apps rather than metro apps on windows 8. Unless you are buying convertible or hybrid laptops touchscreen is worthless.